Website maintenance cost per month?

You start running website, but now what ?
To keep the site up and running, you will need to do some regular maintenance on it.

So, how much does website maintenance cost?

Depending on the size and purpose of your website, website maintenance cost can be within one of categories:

Small site – from $20/month.
Midsize website – $30-$40/month
Larger business/ecommerce websites – over $80/month.

Will I be covered with malware removal ?

Yes. If your site is already maintained by us, malware check/removal will be done for free. Actually, we do not expect the malware to pass in the well-maintained site, especially that we should detect any kind of infection as they appear on the site (and it will be removed as soon as find them, usually the same day appear on site).

Non-maintained site malware removal will cost you $60/hour. Malware, on neglected sites, can infect a dozen of files. Smaller the number of files on the site, shorter time will be required to check and clean malicious code.

Your site can be returned to the operational state in minutes, but design and all functionality can take hours/days to fix.

What you can do now ?

You can simply:

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